Let Them Eat Cards

Greetings! Another pandemic Christmas is soon upon us, in a world ever more challenging for so many. That’s why we’d like you to consider buying your cards from ‘Let Them Eat Cards’ this year, as all profits will go to FareShare to help feed those really struggling this winter.
There are five card designs by different artists: Jen Allanson, Slim Smith, Jane MacNeil, Luke Elston and Moksha.
We invite you to be part of this small act of Wonderism.

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Let Them Eat Cards Let Them Eat Cards Let Them Eat Cards
#1 Jen Allanson #2 Moksha #3 Luke Elston
Let Them Eat Cards Let Tem Eat Cards
#4 Jane MacNeil #5 Slim Smith
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    Mixed pack of all five cards - price includes UK postage. Shipping from 15 November 2021